Glenn Garnes

Glenn Garnes is the founder of Entrepreneur Mastermind.  Over 18 years of practicing law and over 30 years in business total have given him unique insight into the world of business and he now shares the wisdom he has accumulated with people making the decision to begin the journey themselves.

Sylvia Henderson

Sylvia Henderson is the founder of Idea Success Network, helping people get their ideas out of their heads and turning them into profitable business plans. With her corporate background gained from working with organizations such as IBM and AOL, she is highly experienced in coordinating corporate training and personal development programs as well as being a successful entrepreneur in her own right. Sylvia is the perfect mentor for anyone planning to transition from employee to entrepreneur!

Joshua Silverstone

Joshua Silverstone is the founder of Aces Raise where he teaches business owners and leaders to engage in better decision making by learning the game of poker.  Josh’s unique approach make learning the art of decision making both fun and effective.

Dr. Ray Charles

Dr. Ray Charles is the founder of the KIIP Group, an organization dedicated to teaching and mastery of leadership principles for the betterment of the individual in all aspects of life.  Dr. Charles brings years of experience in corporate life to entrepreneurs just starting their journey.

Susan Kohm

Susan Kohm is the founder of Handmade Life, an organization that helps people make career change transitions more successful.  Susan’s expertise in helping people identify their strengths, weaknesses and natural talents makes her invaluable to entrepreneurs who are looking to successfully transition from employment to business.

Lorette Farris

Lorette Farris is the founder of iBoss, Inc., an organization that helps startup and early stage companies to secure capital for operations and for growth.  Lorette operated a broker/dealer organization on Wall Street before stepping out to coach and consult for startup companies.  She is an expert when it comes to finance and compliance in raising capital.